Tunjukkan catatan dari 2015

GST Ride ~ Getting "Shawarma" Through Ride

Very good day all.
Getting lazy to cook during my off day. In the same time my wife busy to prepare "Borneo" food. I can guarantee the food very delicious to me.I will post the recipe later...Hahaha.

Talking about my family members, they like to eat "shawarma". What is shawarma?You can refer it here.What ever it is, for me it just a mixed of "khubss" (bread),roasted beef,veal or chicken, but the way they prepared, marinated with their own spice make this food vary from one shop to others.
I decided to look out this things out side there...Arrrggggh the shop still close because that day is Friday.Here, Friday is considered as weekend. I LIKE....Ermm ok.
 I'll share their location  base on frequency we go and buy their shawarma and rated by my sons and wife. Bear in mind, this is not rated by professional jury..
   The first shop for their "ChickenShawarma" goes to:

The 2nd place for their "Beef Shawarma" is …

One of the challenge as Offshoreman

Dear my son Adam, I promised you to complete your drawing while I'm in the rig.I don't have a set of color pencil like yours,but I paint it with my heart.Under Abi photo you can found your little brother Uwais which I draw, joining you in "Taking garbage" .
 What I can imagine from your sketch, you really enjoy your "Earth Day" which held in your school. Fortunately, your Ummi fully utilized the current technology at her hand which enable me to enjoy your "production day" even I'm not there.

As conclusion the challenges are:
1. No colour pencil.
2. Not all the time you with your kids.

Resepi Lada Solok Kidurong Wakra Yard al Qatar.

Salam semua...
Uish nama pun dasat dah resepi ni.
   Hobi saya ialah memasak masa off day dan bila bini minta saya masak sambil gesek-gesek manja...nampok ngat muhong nyer.
Sebenarnya masa buat resepi ni bini yang minta sebab dia rasa macam nak makan sangat benda alahni. Terfikir juga mana nak cari lada solok ni. Lada solok kalau nak umph kena gula lada yang khas, bukan bantai sebarang. Nak dijadikan rezeki dari Allah kami singgah di Wakra Yard dan ada penjual yang menjual lada tersebut.
   Wakra Yard ni kira macam pasar borongla dan produk-produknya adalah produk tempatan. Berbalik pada lada solok tadi harganya dalam QR 13.00 sebekas kotak kayu. Rasanya dalam 1.5 kg beratnya,dan kami berbahagi sesama jiran tetangga.

 Penyediaan Lada:
 Dah beli lada ni, basuh bersih-bersih dan tos sekejap.Trick pertama, pilih yang ada tangkai dan gedebap aka gemok-gemok sikit sebab mudah untuk urusan belah membelah  untuk buang biji. Kerat empulur berhampiran tangkai dan korek keluar tetapi jangan…

Vacancies In Oil and Gas Industries.

Salam to All,
Very good day to start the day on the oil and gas rig again. Here some vacancies available in my company which currently I work ~  Qatar Petroleum
 Basically this a Applicant Referral System,means you submit your CV or resume to me and I'll forward to our Human Resource department (HR). I can submit 3 applications at a time. After that our HR will process and review it. I will get notified by them that the application under process or reviewed by e-mail.What I can guarantee is your submission will be pass direct to our our HR, but I can't guarantee you will get the job immediately.Please understand that!
Before you apply any position which advertised here please make sure you have at least 5 years * 15 years of experience for senior post and 10 years for non senior in related field.Make sure your healthy also at optimum level since you will work most of the time in hazardous area.If you feel unfit or looking alternative way to achieve optimum health, maybe yo…